The TechBL Process

Our process involves working closely with our clients to gain an overall picture of their business processes, needs, goals, and strategic objectives.  Our primary focus is on providing you with the right solution for your unique situation.  We are not one of those consulting companies that have an underlying belief that most companies operate in the same manner, so we do not create a single one size fits all solution and try to pawn it off on all of our clients.  We get to know your company culture, your strategy and your vision, so we can provide you with the tools that you need to achieve your vision by analyzing, designing, developing, and deploying the right solution for you.



In this stage we focus on discovering and understanding your business challenges, goals, and objectives. We do this because we need to understand both your business and technical needs if we are to meet your expectations. We will compare your current state with your stated vision and will figure out what the right solution is for your company. We do not try to fit every client into the same mold or create cookie cutter solutions; we’re here to help you find your solution.


Once we understand your needs we are able to design a solution that will allow you to accomplish your goals. We aim to design a solution that is capable of addressing your organization’s current and future needs, enabling you to realize your strategic vision.


At this point we’ve designed a solution and now our time is spent implementing it. Our development process involves tackling those features that are of highest importance to you first so you are able to see those features early on in the process and then building from there. This allows us to deliver items to you at a faster pace than normal and for you to provide feedback to us along the way. The end result is you getting the product that you want, the way that you imagined it. During this time we will be in constant contact so you are always aware of the state of the project.


Once the solution has been successfully tested and a sign off has taken place, we will deploy the solution to your production environment. We will also train your staff on how to use and maintain the solution or can be a resource for this as well if there is a need.